mina LOKO (Germany)

Techno/ Dj

Born in Nuremberg, she discovered her passion for electronic music in the early 90s and became a permanent member of the Nürnberger Techno scene. But the desire to own the dancing people with good sound took her way further: private parties, lounges, Die Rakete, Mitte Sound-Bar, Deer, Nano, Hause33, Desi, Z-Bau, Kulturkellerei, Kunstparkost, Open Airs: Nasty, LilaWolken, SaV and  Everything Has to go Out, Festivals: Echolot, Klangtherapie, Open Beatz and Cheerz.

Today her style is a mix of colourful, impulsive and with Instrumental-inspired sounds.

She has the gift of creating unique moments. It happens that Techno basses fly late at night yet at noon the “The Open Air” sometimes becomes House.

It’s all in the mix! She puts everything on to make the atmosphere glow, from Tech House, Techno, Minimal, Electro to Neo Trance.

Her techno veteran-acclaimed event series emerged her passion for old school Techno and is now a solid part of the Franconian party scene. mina Loko gave birth to the well established event “Kukuvaja” which soon became beloved by all of the people attending it.