Alex Halka

Alex Halka (Romania)

Techno / Producer, Dj, Composer, Visual Artist

Alex Halka is Romanian artist who covers a variety of crossover musical territories, from techno to contemporary art installations & theatre. Always searching for new textures.

His vision of techno combines raw granular textures, dark punk vibes and psychedelic layers of vintage synths. He discovered and fell in love with Techno while searching for a new aesthetic dimension to his theatre compositions & audiovisual art. 

Influenced by German & Romanian sound, his sets & rhythms are ideal for any event, whether it’s an intimate club or a 5am rave.

He composed the original soundtracks for more than 30 theatre productions, being featured on magazines like Electronic Beats Romania​, ​feeder sound​ &​ H​is work covers different territories like: Audio-Visual art performances, Art Exhibitions, ​Live-Sets (Clujotronic Festival 2014-2016, Arad Open Air, Electroruga, Embargo Fest)​ and music written for Documentary Film

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